Having Braces; Let’s Talk About Prohibited Foods

Does the title sound bum? Ah well.. x_x (while I’m still wondering why I just WON’T put my butt to sleep!!) >_<

So, you just had braces and got your list of foods you're not allowed to eat. We know the deal; the first time you're extremely strict on the rules then after (give a week or 2) you don't really give a crap when you figure out you can simply brush the food away afterwards. But.. should you be careless about the rules, be strict about it, or in between?

My opinion is that I think it's best in between or if you're capable to, strictly. Only eat the foods prohibited RARELY, and you'll be fine.

For a couple weeks I was pretty careless about it, so I always ate apples whole, not sliced. Beside the fact that my mouth felt like it was bombarded with apples, in between my teeth and on my teeth, hey, it's all cool. I just brush it away and WOW, perfect again! The same thing happened again until..

Since I was really hungry when I went to school to eat breakfast, in my homeroom, I ate the apple pretty fast. But the apple pieces kept rising higher and higher in my braces, and started poking my gums, hurting it a bit. I continuously tried to get the apple pieces out of my braces with my tongue while still eating it quickly, and let me tell you, that was a complete FAIL. Where would I put these disgusting now-brown apple pieces?! I ended up secretly spitting it out, and it was absolutely disgusting. I've learned my lesson.

Another time I was eating Tootsie rolls, another thing prohibited while having braces- sticky, chewy foods. LITERALLY, my entire teeth and my braces were smothered with it! Talk about some sugary candy stuck in your teeth, ready to break and rot. You just know that's out of my list!
      And NO, brushing won't help. You just don't brush and everything's peachy keen; I mean don't get me wrong we ARE supposed to brush 2x more than usual, but we should stop thinking in our minds that eating the prohibited foods regularly without a care in the world, then brushing, will help.

You WILL notice a difference, a PERMANENT difference, and it will NOT be pretty.

So, an occasional cheat treat and brushing, but only RARELY should be fine and not negatively affect the final outcome, but it WILL make a difference. They didn't make that list to torture us and murder our dear gummy bears and caramel. They are professionals, they know what they're talking about. So if you can, try, really try and see if you can follow the rules. If you ABSOLUTELY cannot stand not living with your dear sticky and crunchy treats for about 2 years, then only have it rarely.

Hope this helped you dear bracies~!
  This is a blog post I wrote about a month or so ago for some site where you can get paid to write blah blah (also refers to the art supplies), so it looks nice.. and I wanted to post it. Also to make up for the 4 day gap- I promised myself I would write something AT LEAST every 1 or 2 days.. or even 2 in one day. :s

Source: The dentist and online. I don’t know specifically where, but a dentist site! (No… it’s a circus site.. *rolls eyes*)

Just shut up and respect my flow. Go with the flow, as Silvermist said once before.. before Disney killed her and the rest of the pixies of Pixie Hollow.

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Introduction to My Growing Artist Needs

Sorry, I’ve been busy lately so couldn’t post in time. Finally for the introduction to my growing “art set”!


So, I don’t have pretty much everything an artist needs. Sketch pencils, sketchbook, quality artist colored pencils, artist markers, watercolors, paintbrush from very thin to wide, you know. Hmm.. let’s see my current art supplies.

– HB #2 pencil (A.K.A. your normal average writing pencil)
– Blank office paper (that I “buy” A.K.A. take in bulk every week from my dad’s small office)
– (soon arriving) Crayola colored pencils (the one little kids use in coloring books; at least I’m getting a lot, like 50 or even 60 probably, plus some sharpeners)
– Basic Disney Junior paint set (I figured I can make it still work out with this little kid set I got from Listia, but there’s a place to put a paintbrush in; but no paintbrush!)

Now, that is bum. That sad list, that would be some 5 year old’s bucket list. Well.. minus the office paper. It’s actually pretty thick, but not artist paper. x_x

Well, now I’m on an artist’s needs hunt, on this site called Listia.

It’s a site (for 18+, I know..) but ah. It’s not stopping me.. at least I’m a serious seller and buyer and read up on how shipping works and such minus the idiots that just jump right in once they hear the word “free” and don’t know what to do.

Here’s how it works; you sell stuff. Earn credits. Use the credits to bid on other people’s things. You sell stuff. Or do offers. I mostly do offers to be honest.

I’m not going into a ton of information because it’s really simple (and not as good as PW..) but by the way I’ll give somebody a cookie if they remember what “PW” is. :3

What I’m trying to do is to sell my artwork with what I currently have (hey my supplies are bum but that doesn’t mean I’m bad at drawing xD) and get art supplies. If I get better art supplies, it’ll enhance my art, you know? Well if I get the artists stuff I’ll definitely control it, not let it control me.

I also do offers but these bum companies… grrr.. I have to ALWAYS send out a support form because they NEVER credit me! None of the companies! What bothers me most is that some ask for the email confirmation when there isn’t any! I did an offer for a game download once, and they said they needed email confirmation. I replied with “There’s no email confirmation, it’s a game download. I can send a screenshot of the game itself perhaps?” well somewhat the lines of that. Then they replied with some automated message saying “Sorry, we cannot credit you at this time”

Seriously?… I just want to strangle that nasty robot. There’s other ways except that stupid nasty bs (my habit of saying when I get mad; well I don’t actually SAY the word, I just say “BS”) “email confirmation”, you know!! Grr.. the thought of it just makes me mad. >_

Now.. back to the topic. This is what I currently have.. well I’m getting more colored pencils most likely (well it’s been kind of long compared to other items shipped, so 99%, or I’d then be concerned..) It has tracking so I can be assured it will arrive though. The ones in that box is just the ones I’ve fished out.

Anyhow, I am entering a contest in PW, here’s a preview of my entry. I’ll color it once I get them.


That’s pretty much all, just wanted to spit that out, if that makes sense.. 😛

Listia is a website plus an app available for Android and IOS.

Thanks for reading! (Plus the fact that it’s like 4:00 A.M. and I have to get ready for school in roughly one hour 30 minutes.. x_x)

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My New Original Recipe~~ + Lack of Sleep

Okay, so I expected to do it after school, but forgot and am now doing it in the night.. but you know what? I’ve been getting not enough sleep.. what 6-7 hours average or something? Let me take a nap and introduce a bit in the morning, before I go to my bus stop. In fact.. how about a little recipe of what I made a couple hours ago? I have all the pictures, so it’ll be a breeze.

My Amazing Recipe for What I call the “Kawaii Alever-style Gourmet Egg and Cheese Bagel”


1 large egg
1 bowl
A full bagel
1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes💠
1/4 teaspoon salt💠
However you want to your liking of salted butter (has to be actual butter; not margarine)
1/2 teaspoon grounded cayenne pepper💠
1/2 teaspoon any kind of seasoning to your liking💠
2 teaspoons water (or milk)💠
1 slice any kind of cheese to your liking
Cute plate

Okay I meant to add this first but I’m too lazy right now to have to re-number the instructions.. (beauty sleep, you know xD) so preheat the pan you’ll be making the eggs in.

1. Spread butter on both sides of your bagel.
2. Pop it in the oven (or even better; toaster oven. That’s what I used) for let’s say whatever degrees to make it heat up but not overheat.
3. Crack the egg on the side of the bowl and.. yeah. The eggs will be cracked and the egg whites and yolk will be dropped into the bowl.. lol.

4. Add all of the 💠 ingredients to the bowl

5. Mix together with a whisk or fork.

6. Cut cheese into bits and put on the bowl as well.
7. Give it a last good mix, and pour into your preheated pan.

8. Start continuously mixing around with a spoon quickly, which makes the eggs scramble.. BUT it will be a lot more moist. It’s supposed to be that way.

9. Once it’s done (All parts of egg scrambled and not runny or gooey. Moist and very soft though.) scoop into a cute plate. (Yes, it has to be CUTE..)

10. Get bagel out of oven.
11. Spoon egg into the bagel, kind of like spreading jelly.

12. Make a kawaii catmouth using ketchup, in your eggs.

13. Put your signature with ketchup on the other bagel slice.
14. Smash together and press hands down on the bagel to make it a bit flat.
15. Use mayonnaise and ketchup to create eyes, and put ketchup over the hole to create a mouth.

16. Take a huge bite off one eye.

17. Serve with whatever you want. :3


If you tried it, feel free to tell me how it was! xD Okay.. I really need to go to sleep now. >_

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Introduction to Myself+ Rant

Well, I thought I could make an adequate post of my growing “art desk” and how I am trying to get art supplies the “free way”, which I’m sure many of you would be interested in, but I just HAVE to blow off this rant of multiple things that happened in school today, so hear me out. I will post an article of the art supplies though, so don’t worry. 😉 I also don’t make (or even want to, for that matter) rants that often either.

There was a sub today for 1/2 period, and blah blah blah. (You will see a lot of “blahs” throughout) Same old normal school morning blah blah you get the deal. The sub was calling out names. “Tommy, Sarah, BLAH.” Okay, there’s nobody in my class named Tommy or Sarah. xD (Trying to cheer myself up with some humor, bare with me please.. ;-;)

But anyways, when she got to my name, I raised my hand to signal I’m here. You know, just regularly raising my hand. I guess I didn’t raise it high enough since she was about to mark me absent, when the other students said to the sub in a hurry that I was here. I looked concerned and raised my hand up a bit more while shaking it a bit to get attention, then she finally noticed me.

That’s when out of nowhere, one of the students (I won’t name) just said something like “She doesn’t talk or just doesn’t speak English!” A lot of people were staring at me, some going back to each other to talk. I was just about fumed inside. Of course I didn’t show it. My normal average everyday expression.

Now, here’s a little thing about me to back this up, since you may be confused.

As I said in the last post, I’m an introvert, plus a quiet person who usually likes to stay alone. Let me just describe how being an introvert works for all the extroverts that just don’t get introverts.

“I stay alone.”

Q: “Are you lonely? Don’t you have any friends?”

A: Well sadly I don’t have any friends, since people just don’t get me. I’m not lonely most of the time though, being alone is how I “recharge”. You see, when I’m around a lot of people for a long period of time or hear people talking loudly I start feeling really stressed. Seriously, keep me in that cramped up room where there are a lot of people talking loudly and I will BLOW. By “blow”, I mean getting cranky and such, feeling like if somebody dares even look at me or talk to me I will punch them in the face. Now I’ve never punched anyone in the face or insulted anyone because I keep my feelings well inside and use the anger on drawing or writing, usually.

When I’m almost out of “battery”, A.K.A. as I said before, being around a lot of people blah blah, I get cranky and just not myself. A bad side of myself.

As I also said before, MOST times I’m not lonely, that doesn’t mean I’m completely antisocial like people seem to think about introverts. When I overcharge, A.K.A. opposite of almost out of battery, when I stay alone too often, I will get lonely. I don’t really do anything about it to be honest.. I just usually slump and put my head down a lot more than I usually do.

Middle is best. I’m completely fine. No loud annoyance and no being completely alone and nobody talking to me for a long period of time. Not like anyone even talks to me or even tries to get to know me other than saying “Hi” a lot.. using a sort of tone like I’m some alien just discovered from another planet.. or saying “Why are you so quiet?” thinking I’ll automatically “loosen up” after they say that. Honestly.. it’s a dumb question. It’s part of my personality. It’s also as rude as someone would say “Why are you so loud?” unless being loud is part of your personality as well.

I’m quiet because I’m quiet. I can be not quiet at times, you know.. not loud but using a more medium voice volume. If only people would get to know me and not automatically think I’m a snob or rude, thinking I’m “too cool” to talk to people, thinking I have a problem, or just thinking I’m a boring person just because I’m quiet. Also.. where in the world do people get “Ooh, I bet you’re super loud at home!” No. I use the same tone of voice I would my friends (old friends.. unfortunately.. :/) I don’t know, I guess some are super loud other areas, but not me.

I’m definitely not a boring person. Last one is that people say I never “express myself”. Now for another explanation..

Talking isn’t the only way to express yourself, but I guess people are too STUPID to understand that. Excuse my language, but this topic just ticks me off so badly! I know all extroverts, or even most aren’t extreme motormouths.. I don’t judge. But for people who only find expression in talking, and assumes anyone who doesn’t talk all that much is “emotionless”, then read on.
     Hmm.. other ways to express yourself other than talking.. (You can actually express yourself in other ways except talking?!! Impossible!) Yeah.. look. Just because you blurt out whatever is in your mind, doesn’t mean others do too. Let’s try face expressions. Writing. Singing. Playing instruments. Drawing. Making crafts and such. Even certain habits. You chew on your hair when you’re nervous. That’s expressing yourself. You tap your feet when you’re impatient. Expressing. You get fidgety when you’re lying. That’s expressing. For instance, if you are scared of being on stage and afraid to talk to certain people, blah blah, you’re generally a shy person. BOOM found a new personality trait without having to rely on their talking. I can give millions more but I’m pretty sure you get the deal. I express myself in many ways, MANY. Yeah, expression in terms of talking isn’t my main source of expressing myself.

Okay, now to get back to the story. Why are my classmates so RUDE? Everyone just turned back to do their own business; just a bunch of papers since a majority of the people went on a field trip. Not like I wanted attention or anything, I got enough of their nasty attention anyways. :/

At least I was the only person in the class to finish the papers, in which the sub said he doubted we would. Coool~~ I guess. I’m not really excited for that matter but whatever. It’s nice to prove somebody wrong. xD

Oh well. There will always be people who don’t even attempt to try to know somebody. Seriously.. if I didn’t know English (which is in fact my first and pretty much only full-learned language) why would I be in the Advanced homeroom? Why would I be in a high-scoring English class? Pshh. Common sense, you know..

In fact I heard the person who said that has bad grades himself, even our math teacher questioned him being at this level, since he was below compared to the rest of the class. Plus a few other people who had low grades.

Hmm.. I don’t even know why I’m mad. Look at him! At least I don’t get in trouble a lot. He’s just one of those motormouths that what they say= what’s on their mind. Plus going THAT far?! Really? I’m quiet means I’m quiet means I’m quiet. I can go forever, so just shush. It doesn’t mean I’m dumb, or a snob, or it doesn’t mean I don’t know English, for sakes. Can’t people just accept introverts in general (not just quiet people; not all introverts are quiet) without coming up with so many pathetic excuses?

Okay, maybe some may be true. But just don’t automatically assume those excuses, because most of the time it’s not even true.

Funny thing is everybody just went on as it never existed before.. wondered what they had on their mind.. probably “True!” or “Ooh” making a troll face.. expecting me to get an attitude or something, which is not my style. I’m here to break stereotypes.. as a black introvert that it. Yes, a black introvert/quiet person exists. =.=

Well, that’s all. This 2-day long post. I have to get ready for school now, it’s early. *yawn*

Thank you for reading this long rant! Hope some of you learned a bit..

(P.S. I will make the art desk article afterwards; most likely after school)

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Introduction; Social Network for Artists?

Hello to everyone reading, today I am going to do an introduction to my blog.. but first things first;
My name? I’ll keep it Anonymous, but just call me Alever (Uh-Leh-Ver). It’s a cool name. 😉

I am a female by the way, age 12, in grade 7. Black. I am kind of the ones that just fade in the background, even a nerd you could say. That’s just the way I want to be, I never liked taking center stage, as I am an introvert. I really love drawing anime, and of course watching it and reading manga as well.

You could actually see my drawings on PaigeeWorld, my username is “frosscross”. It’s an awesome site to share your artwork (particularly anime-style and chibi mostly, but you can share paintings and other realism) and the best part about it? Buying tutorials or getting many for free. The basic ones like body structure, face, eyes, hands, you know etc. are free while full character tutorials cost really cheap. By the way their currency is PaigeePoints (or PP), not actual money. 😉


That’s not all! You can also do contests to earn art supplies! They include full packs of I believe Marvy Uchida markers, very similar to Copics.. and I know how many fellow artists are dying to get them! (I’m one of them!) Plus other stuff like fine liners, gel pens and such. To enter the contest, you have to pay a “fee”, sort of, using your PP. They will have a drawing theme and you simply make a colored drawing of that particular theme, then wait until they announce the winners.


I know some of you are thinking “Well I definitely won’t win, I’m not advanced enough as an artist!” and I think that too. I’m not advanced as the winners in the contests AT ALL. That’s where there’s a rate and review. You update the app, rate it, and review, while including your PW name. They choose at random.


Anyways, speaking of reviewing.. I saw a lot of positive reviews on the Play Store that made me very excited to try this app when I first downloaded it. I heard a lot of “drastically improved in short time”s.

Now my last art spurt (which is a parody of “growth spurt” that I use to describe a drastic improvement on art in a short period) was when I was about 9. By “short”, I mean 5-6 months. Don’t expect to improve very greatly in a couple days, that I’m not an advocate of. I haven’t been in PW for that long anyways, let alone a month, but my art has DEFINITELY improved. Would I say drastically? No, but very greatly. I can do hair better. I FINALLY (in years, years, MANY years) can draw hands correctly, and I’ve stop being stubborn and started using guidelines (and boy, how I thought guidelines was such a bother before. Now they are just perfect, essential! I love them to death now. Irony, ne?)

Now I’m not going into every single detail about how awesomely amazing PaigeeWorld (PW) is, but I will end on this note;

It’s a website and as well an app available for IOS and Android, also by the way it’s for all ages. Thank goodness, it’s like the first thing for all ages but not little-kiddish! I just hate it when something’s completely fine to use for all ages but they put a 13+ anyways.

There’s no cuss words (stop cussing when you’re like only 10, extremely annoying and immature!), no bullying, no inappropriate/ecchi art (not too strict, anatomy is allowed) so it’s a safe environment, but not super strict or for 3-7 year olds like all the “all ages” sites! Basically perfect. xD

Interested in learning more and want to try it out? Go right ahead! My username is Frosscross. So my first blog entry which was supposedly to be an introduction on what I will post about and about me has turned into a review of how I love PW. Oh well! At least it’s an introduction/official blog entry! ^.^

Thank you everyone for reading~! :3


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